Manufacturing Execution

control the process
Use manufacturing execution and manufacturing information systems to help you deliver ontime, profitably and with the right quality.

ERP and SAP Integration

expand the reach of ERP
Connect Enterprise Resource Planning systems like SAP into other software applications to unify real-time information and increase ERP benefits.

Integrated Software

fully supporting the business
An integrated software landscape increases efficiency, eliminates duplication and gives people the information they need at the time they need it.

Software Applications

Functionality for a particular purpose
We can build you a bespoke solution to your specific requirements or you can licence some of our applications that fit your needs.

How we
can help

Solving ProblemsImplementing ChangeConnecting ProcessesEnabling The Real Time Enterprise

There are many ways we can help your organisation whether you are a large multinational or a medium sized enterprise. Perhaps you have particular business area that you feel could be improved with the application of software based technology or you have an existing software architecture that needs significant improvement. It could be that you are an early start high planned growth organisation that needs a software architecture that starts small but can be scaled over the coming months and years. It may be the case you have an ERP like SAP R/3 and wish to connect the data generated from business processes external to that system into your ERP.

Customers using Ascari as a partner have achieved some of the following results:

  • Increased throughput and quality by implementing manufacturing control software to control manufacturing processes.
  • Ensured customer compliance is achieved by using track and trace software integrated with SAP to manage order through delivery.
  • Realised a value-add application that supports a unique and ground breaking bio-process control system.
  • Commercialised an innovative inventory control solution that provides users with an intuitive role-based user interface.

we offer

imageA Structured Approach

The tools and techniques we use depends very much on the size of the project. We work with organisations large and small and select the most suitable tools dependent on the size of the project or the needs of the customer.

Our tools and techniques cover:

  • Consulting on vision, core systems, software architecture and roadmaps.
  • Independent evaluation of business systems software.
  • Implementation of solution architecture, bespoke software, system upgrades, migration plans, testing plans and training.
  • Integration of supporting technology like RFID and barcode scanning.

choose us

Expertise, Experience, Track Record

We are comitted to delivering solutions that address requirements and understand the journey to delivery is not always straightford.

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