Track and Trace


We have tremendous experience with track and trace and our journey began in the 1980’s in the UK semiconductor industry.  Individual uniquely identified silicon wafers were tracked meticulously through hundreds of production steps and key data at each step recorded into manufacturing Execution (MES) systems.
Today track and trace is part of our everyday lives tracking everything from product manufacture, through the delivery supply chains to end customers.  The cost for tracking individual devices is falling rapidly and some RFID tag manufacturers are predicting they can manufacture billions of tags per annum.
We can help with your track and trace journey as we work with some of the leading vendors in this area.  We can help in areas such as:
  • Business analysis to understand why track and trace is a business case
  • Functional and/or Technical design of track and trace integration with current business processes
  • Track and Trace Vendor analysis and selection
  • Track and Trace Project Implementation Management
You do not need to be a large organisation to benefit from track and trace solutions, particularly as cost of ownership is reducing significantly.

Legislative Compliance and Reporting

We have been involved with major track and trace projects driven by mandatory legislation.  The main area has been within tobacco products where we have helped companies impacted by FCTC and EU-TPD legislation requirements to implement the appropriate track and trace systems.  The areas we we involved included:

  • Defining business requirements based on legislation gap analysis
  • Functional Design of the solution
  • Creating Functional and Technical specifications for track and trace suppliers
  • Defining test scenarios for the unit and integration tests
  • Performing system testing
  • Fault finding and root cause analysis

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