Track and Trace Systems

One of our particular areas of expertise is the implementation of track and trace systems (sometimes known as Manufacturing Execution Systems or MES in larger organisations). These systems perform some or all of the following business functions:

  • Management of product definitions
  • Management and definition of manufacturing routes, processes and operations
  • Management and scheduling of resources including people and machinery
  • Management and execution of production orders
  • Process control (often automatic)
  • Collection and reporting of of production data
  • Manufacturing performance including OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Capability to see who performed what operation at what time using which equipment on what product being manufactured.

Ascari are experienced implementing a wide variety of these systems that can really drive efficiencies into your organisation. We are also capable of integrating these systems into existing ERP solutions like SAP.

Please contact us for more information on ways we can help any sized business get to grips with all the information that could be made available to help make better business decisions.

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