Data Analytics and Machine Learning


Quality data is the lifeblood of any organisation.  Taking that data and applying data analytics and machine learning supercharges the value of that data. 

Ensuring data is accurate throughout the organisation is essential, particularly when many different system hold a copy of that data.

Often, important data can be hidden away, either stuck in older systems that cannot be accessed or in devices that have limited integration capabilities.

Ascari have tools to access and extract that data, applying quality controls and turning it into valuable business information using data analytics.  This gives the ability to make critical decisions using the most up to date accurate data available.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, abnormal data patterns can be spotted automatically.  This same machine learning technology can actually predict when problems will occur – before they actually do !

Real Time Smart Alerts and Exception Management

Smart alerts enable teams to rapidly respond to data transmission or data anomaly issues that could lead to business or process interruption.  Exception management highlights issues that could cause problems without burdening users with excessive information.


Call 0845 052 2933 to find out how we can take your locked away data and turn it into a more valuable asset. For more information on XTRAX one of our enabling tools just click the button below.

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